Are you paying attention to your junior golf schedule?

Play Less To Play Better I am asked SO often, from other junior golf parents, about how to set the right competitive schedule.  It’s certainly a challenge.  So, when I read this article today, I wanted to share it with you.    Happy Scheduling – Amy   Courtesy of Jeff Overholt from Golf Performance Coaches There has […]

Junior Golf + Pinehurst, NC = The Perfect Combination

If you haven’t taken your junior golfer to Pinehurst, NC yet… I would put it on your schedule soon.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of Pinehurst, NC.  I’m always asked the “why” question, but it’s hard for me to put my finger on it.  It just has that “something […]

2013 Golf Goals…for Parents


As we make the turn into 2013, it’s a perfect time for us to reflect on our goals.  How many times have we asked our children to write down their goals?  To make a list of what they would like to accomplish and what they need to do to get there?  Probably quite often.  But, […]

Junior Golf DAZED…

golf image

So, your child has just picked up some clubs, or will be getting some soon for Christmas.  Now, where do you go?  Where do you play?  Do you get them lessons?  Do you get them involved in tournaments? About ten years ago, I entered what I lovingly call the Junior Golf DAZE.  I didn’t know where […]

Get Golf Tournament Ready for 2013!


One of my favorite things about the holiday season is putting up the Christmas tree, wrapping gifts, visiting with family and friends….and putting the 2013 golf tournament schedule together.  Isn’t this what everyone loves to do?!  I have a feeling that I am one of the few people who actually like doing this.  (Or, actually do it!)  […]