Are you paying attention to your junior golf schedule?

Play Less To Play Better I am asked SO often, from other junior golf parents, about how to set the right competitive schedule.  It’s certainly a challenge.  So, when I read this article today, I wanted to share it with you.    Happy Scheduling – Amy   Courtesy of Jeff Overholt from Golf Performance Coaches There has […]

Junior Golf Development Tips

Player Development: It’s a Matter of Skill & Time As parents, we understand that many things happen during a golf round.  We see the great shots and errant shots and sometimes shake our head and say, “why did that just happen?”  Golf shots are just as much mental, as they are physical.  Thank you to […]

It’s just a number! (Or, is it?)

Who would have ever thought that the numbers 78, 85, 94, or 105 would be so painful?  I mean, they are just numbers, right?  They don’t hold any secrets to success or keys to our fortune.  But, when your junior golfer shoots one of these numbers on a Par 72, then suddenly these numbers don’t seem […]

Making college visits? Do it the right way.

Etiquette on College Recruiting Visits Thank you to our special guest writer, Brandi Jackson, for this important article.  Brandi lives in Greenville, SC where she runs Brandi Jackson Golf, a College Recruiting Consulting and Performance Golf Coaching business. She is a former LPGA player and Furman University Hall of Fame member. Visit www.brandijacksongolf.com for more information. […]

You’ve got an Attitude!! (Is it positive?)

golf irons

We’ve heard it a million times- attitude is everything.  Check!  I think we need to add one small word in front of the word attitude – positive.  Positive attitude is everything. Jeff Mehlert, PGA, Executive Director at The Northwest Junior Golf Tour, has a very important story everyone should read.   A highly acclaimed and competitive junior player on his […]

Is your junior golfer a sore WINNER? Wait, what?


Are you raising a sore…. winner?  Yep, you read it right.  I think we all understand the concept of how we expect our junior golfers to behave when they don’t win – I bet we’ve all had those tough conversations about not being a sore loser.  But, have we talked with them about not being […]

College Golf: The Top 100 Things To Get There


The College Golf Recruiting Process There are so many questions around the college recruiting process! When do you start the process? Who do you contact? What do I need to do? What should I not do? And the questions could go on, and on, and on. So, when Frank Darby, the head golf coach at […]

What are college coaches really thinking?

College Hats

Parents, wouldn’t you like to know what college coaches are really thinking?  Well, here is a bit of insight that may help you!  A recent survey was sent out to 50+ college coaches at all division levels and you’ll find some great feedback to understand what else junior golfers need to be doing in order to be […]