Are you paying attention to your junior golf schedule?

Play Less To Play Better I am asked SO often, from other junior golf parents, about how to set the right competitive schedule.  It’s certainly a challenge.  So, when I read this article today, I wanted to share it with you.    Happy Scheduling – Amy   Courtesy of Jeff Overholt from Golf Performance Coaches There has […]

Junior Golf Development Tips

Player Development: It’s a Matter of Skill & Time As parents, we understand that many things happen during a golf round.  We see the great shots and errant shots and sometimes shake our head and say, “why did that just happen?”  Golf shots are just as much mental, as they are physical.  Thank you to […]

Junior Golf + Pinehurst, NC = The Perfect Combination

If you haven’t taken your junior golfer to Pinehurst, NC yet… I would put it on your schedule soon.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of Pinehurst, NC.  I’m always asked the “why” question, but it’s hard for me to put my finger on it.  It just has that “something […]

34% of the Donald Ross field was DQ’d in 2012. Let’s not repeat history in 2013!


    I am reposting this 2012 blog post as a reminder to all the Donald Ross Championship players out there today competing in the 2013 Championship.  This was one of the most popular posts ever on Junior Golf Parents.  Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself! 34% of  the 2012 Donald Ross Jr Championship players […]

All In The Family: GOLF

All in the Family: Golf  Guest Contributor ~ Richard Flores (Thank you to Richard Flores for sharing his wonderful story with Junior Golf Parents!) These days, spending quality time together as a familyand participating in an activity that everyone can enjoy is a tall order. My family and I were lucky enough to discover a sport that […]

Nominate your December Junior Golfer of the Month today!

Our junior golfers deserve to be highlighted for all of their hard work and dedication they make to the game. Each month, Junior Golf Parents will highlight a special junior golfer. It’s not about their handicap, average score, or how many tournaments they have won. It’s about who they are as a person and why […]

100 Top Golf Ideas

A big thanks to Frank Darby, St John’s College Golf Coach, for providing his top 100 golf ideas.  Pick a few, have patience, and get to work!   Social Media … Linkathletics.com… Showcase yourself…Kevin Streelman… Pace of Play… Everything in moderation… No cell phones when practicing Golfstat.com… Oral resume and swing video… Track statistics… Gamebook.com Improve […]

Congratulations to Caroline Howes, November Golfer of the Month!

Caroline Howes

Caroline Howes, age 18 from Granite Falls, NC, is in her fourth and senior year of playing on the Ladies South Caldwell High School Spartans golf team. Caroline has been around golf all of her life, by watching her dad excel in the game over the years.  She spends many hours taking lessons and practicing and has […]

Congratulations Lewis Eccles, October Junior Golfer of the Month!


Congratulations Lewis Eccles! Lewis is a 12-year-old junior golfer from Doncaster in Yorkshire, England.  At the start of the season, he had a 28 handicap, but has worked hard and is now an 18.   Just this month, Lewis was given an international debut and starting place on the England Disabled Golf Team to face Wales.  Lewis is […]

It’s just a number! (Or, is it?)

Who would have ever thought that the numbers 78, 85, 94, or 105 would be so painful?  I mean, they are just numbers, right?  They don’t hold any secrets to success or keys to our fortune.  But, when your junior golfer shoots one of these numbers on a Par 72, then suddenly these numbers don’t seem […]