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Amy Spencer, Kyle Spencer, Brad Spencer, Mary Ann Snyder "Mimi" at the Carolina PGA Charles Tilghman in Myrtle Beach, SC.  December 2012.

Amy Spencer, Kyle Spencer, Brad Spencer, Mary Ann Snyder “Mimi” at the Carolina PGA Charles Tilghman in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Welcome to our family.  A little about us…

aj redAmy Spencer – First and foremost, I am a mom.  We were blessed by a son, Kyle, who started loving the game of golf at four years old, and ten years later, his passion is stronger than ever.   Secondly, I am passionate about supporting junior golf at all levels.  My goal of juniorgolfparents.com is to provide a place for golf parents to come together where we can share, support, and help one another through this sport our children love.

I love the game, but don’t play nearly as much (or as well) as I would like.  One of my fondest memories as a child was riding in the golf cart at the club where my father was the pro.  My parents put a club in my hand when it was bigger than I was, but that one decision helped me play on the men’s high school golf team for four years (yes, you read that right).  I was even blessed enough to run a junior golf tour for a few years when our kids needed a local tour to compete in.  I work full-time in marketing for a tech company who focuses on helping nonprofit organizations, and I honestly love my day job.  I am, however, following my dream of being part of golf in a way I can contribute – from a parent’s point of view.  You can find me almost every weekend on the cart path watching every shot.  And, of course like most parents, holding my breath.

Brad & KyleBrad Spencer – A long time golfer too, he takes on the very important role of supportive golf dad and part-time caddie.  You can find him in the car most days driving back and forth to the golf course with Kyle.  He played on the high school team as well.  His high school golf coach - my mom.  It’s a small world and we’re all connected by golf.   Most of the time, he’s on the cart path next to me making sure that I remember to breath.

kjMary Ann Snyder, “Mimi” – I think one of the coolest things growing up was watching my mom routinely beat my dad who was the teaching pro at our country club in Indiana.  But, that was to be expected since she was the Indiana State Amateur runner-up at the age of 14.  Today, when she is not on the course with Kyle, she is teaching golf at Charleston National Country Club in Charleston, SC.  Pretty impressive.  She is actually the one to blame for all of this – she was the one that first took Kyle out on the course where he developed the golf bug.

kj pingKyle Spencer – He’s been blessed by the game of golf through hereditary from his grandparents and lots, and lots, of hard work.  He’s had the same coach for 10 years and the rest has been history.  His hard work and determination has given him the opportunity to travel and play in amazing places like Torrey Pines at the Callaway Junior Golf Championship, Pinehurst at the US Kids World Championship, PGA National in Palm Beach at the Optimists International, and many other great tournaments.  But, above all, he’s been able to create amazing golf buddies who will be with him for a lifetime.

As a family, we have spent the past 10 years on the road traveling to hundreds+ of tournaments, in which Mimi, was his caddy for most.   That was when my love of junior golf became overwhelming – watching my son and my mother walk down the fairway smiling and competing the best they could – together.  Kyle’s dad has since taken over the bag duties for those few remaining tournaments that allow caddies.

After years of playing golf together, these kids all become “our kids” and the parents soon become our family.  We are the golf warriors who, most of the time, go unseen by many.  But, we are always there.  And, your children know you are there and couldn’t imagine taking this journey without you.   Treasure watching every shot, good or bad.  Time goes by entirely too fast.

Wishing you many fairways together,

The Spencer Family