Junior Golf + Pinehurst, NC = The Perfect Combination

PinehurstIf you haven’t taken your junior golfer to Pinehurst, NC yet… I would put it on your schedule soon. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of Pinehurst, NC.  I’m always asked the “why” question, but it’s hard for me to put my finger on it.  It just has that “something special” about it, that you just can’t put into words.  Our family has made the journey to Pinehurst, NC for over eight years now, starting with the US Kids World Championship and now with the US Teen World and the Donald Ross Jr Championship.  We are in Pinehurst playing junior golf tournaments at least twice a year, but always looking for excuses to come back.  And yes, I count down the days until I can return. We have our routine down of “must do’s” and very rarely wander off the path.

From the time you drive into the Pinehurst Clubhouse, you are breathless just realizing that you are stepping on hallowed ground where all of the greats have played.  I mean, where else can you take a picture with a larger than life-size version of Payne Stewart with his hand exalted and his leg kicked up towards the sky.  Of course, every junior golfer has to pose just like Payne and have their picture taken too.  You wander through the clubhouse with your mouth open just looking at all of the history and those players who have come before us.  And, this is just the beginning.  Now, I will admit that we haven’t had the pleasure to play #2 yet, but I can only imagine walking the fairways of where the 2014 US Open will take place.  We have, however, played almost all of the other courses that go out of the clubhouse.  And, don’t miss the other courses that aren’t attached to the clubhouse – they are fantastic as well.

After our round of golf, our next stop is always the famous Pinehurst Resort – The Carolina Hotel.  In the summer, we sit out in the rocking chairs on the front porch and wait for the homemade popcorn to come out.  Ok, some of my family members accuse me of coming just for the popcorn.  (It’s actually for the macaroni and cheese they serve in the Ryder Cup Lounge.)  In the winter, we wait for the leather chairs to open up right in front of the fireplace and curl up for the night.  And, eat popcorn and macaroni and cheese.  Life is good.

After our dinner and snacks at The Carolina, we always wander down to the famous Pinehurst Village that is filled with Mayberry innocence.  You feel like you’ve stepped back in time where you can breathe again, and take your time and stroll down the middle of the road.   Don’t worry, the cars will wait for you.   Around Christmas time, it’s magical.  If you add some snow to the mix, and it’s close to perfection.  Make sure to visit the famous golf shop, it’s a museum all on its own.

Like most other junior golf families, we travel across the US from course to course and after a while they all start blending together.   Traveling to Pinehurst, however, is not just the normal tournament experience.  It’s much, much more than that.   Make sure to grab your junior golfer soon and head on out and experience something you won’t forget.   It’s hard to explain or define magic, but I believe that Pinehurst is simply magical. 

“There’s something about Pinehurst that tops even the position which it naturally occupies as the St. Andrews of golf.  And that is the people you find there, play golf with, and exchange reminiscences with…who always make you feel happily at home.”   ~Bobby Jones


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