It’s just a number! (Or, is it?)

Numbers golfWho would have ever thought that the numbers 78, 85, 94, or 105 would be so painful?  I mean, they are just numbers, right?  They don’t hold any secrets to success or keys to our fortune.  But, when your junior golfer shoots one of these numbers on a Par 72, then suddenly these numbers don’t seem too friendly anymore.  These numbers suddenly become very important, don’t they?  Well, should they?

Parents, we’ve all been there.  We’ve let a simple number determine our mood on the way home from the golf course.  Or maybe for a week, or a month!  Let’s play this scenario out.  Let’s say the number is a 68 - woo hoo – let’s talk about the birdies, turn up the music, laugh and reflect on the amazing day.  We LOVE golf!  Wow, who knew the little number of 68 would bring so much joy.  Ok now, let’s talk about the number 96.  Get in the car, no stopping for dinner, dead silence, and maybe even a few tears or punches on the back of the seats.  We HATE golf!  Any of this sound familiar?  All of it sound familiar?  Come on – fess up.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if those two little digits put together wouldn’t hold the key to our happiness?  I’m going out on a limb to say that these numbers may cause the angst of parents more so than the juniors at times.  Confession – I’ve been around junior golf for many years and have felt the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat via my junior golfers game.   I swear I do all I can to not let those numbers affect me, but they do at times.   I’ve found that my junior is just fine because he knows that golf comes on its own time and not his.  From the mouth of babes.

Just a few thoughts from experience:

* It’s just a number, and no matter if it’s a 68 or 96, your junior did the best they could

* Unless it’s putting for the win at the US Jr Amateur, one tournament isn’t going to make or break …..anything

* Make a vow to control your emotions both on and off the course – trust me, your junior player feels everything you feel

* It’s just a game – enjoy the time with your player! 

Now, the next time your junior tees it up, be there to support and cheer them on regardless of what the numbers add up to at the end of 18 holes.  I always have to remember that my junior’s worst day will ALWAYS beat my best day!  :)

It’s just a number, right?




  1. Pete Eccles says:

    Makes me remember some bad days with my oldest who is now a much better golfer because he doesn’t feel under pressure from me. We’ve all been there and they don’t try to play bad, but, they do try too hard to impress some times. Thankfully I get to put the mistakes right with the youngest and me & my oldest son are still great together. No harm done.

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