Let’s all remember one thing… our junior golfers are amazing!

golf shadowsI believe that we could have rented out our home for the past two months, and we wouldn’t have even noticed.  I think the longest time we’ve spent there in consecutive days has been about four.   It’s been one golf tournament after another. Anyone else understand this?  I bet!  I’m not complaining, as I was the one managing the crazy tournament schedule and booking everything.  Trust me, I’ve known since March what June and July would look like, and actually counted the days until the “tour” began.    Now that the competitive summer is coming slowly to an end, I realize that I’ve learned quite a lot from my junior player.

The one thing that stands out above everything else, is just how amazing my junior player is!  I’m not talking about his scores, or what he won (or didn’t), or even how he struck the ball.  I’m talking about the sheer endurance he had to compete to his absolute best ability, day after day, after day.  And, I’m not talking just about MY junior golfer, I’m talking about ALL of the young men and women out there doing what they love.

Let’s walk through this.  They basically give up their summer with their friends to spend hours on the range, hours in the car, hours on the course, and hours with their parents!  Yes, some of those items are more fun than others, but how many kids are dedicated (at anything) to do this?  Not many.  But, yours do.  So, the next time when they four putt, or miss the cut by one, or hit a ball into the water, or just flat-out don’t play well – remember they are out there giving it ALL they have!  And, as parents and coaches, we always have to remember this.  I will admit that I am guilty of forgetting this simple idea.  In fact, someone on the golf course told me – “you better go back and read your website – twice.”  And, they were right!  It’s easy to get into the “golf zone” where we think our juniors are putting for The Open Championship and the world will suddenly end if they miss the putt.  Well, they aren’t putting for The Open Championship.  At least, not today.

Let’s face it – we all want our junior to play their best and win.  Of course we do.   We are their parents, and that is just how we are wired.  But, let’s also do our very best to see ALL the hard work, dedication, time, energy, and passion they devote to the sport and remember how amazing they are regardless of their score or finish.

So, what have I learned this summer?  I am humbled and honored to be part of my junior’s journey in the magical game of golf.  And, to always remember, he’s amazing!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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